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Monica Brînzei (Paris):

An Academic Constellation. Books and Professors in Vienna during the 14th and 15th Centuries

11. September | 19.30 Uhr | Neuer Senatssaal (Hauptgebäude)

The Great Schism had a tremendous impact on the University of Paris and provoked an explosion in the constellation of different Nations of students. The Nation of German scholars was obliged to leave Paris, an exodus that led to the naissance of the Faculty of Theology in Vienna around 1384. Henry of Langenstein and Henry Totting of Oyta set up the matrix of a new constellation for producing knowledge in Central Europe. The first generation of professors at Vienna developed up an intellectual mind-set that can be deciphered today when we investigate the books that were copied, collected, and commented on. Thus, this talk aims to depict this intellectual constellation created by the first generation of professors at Vienna via the texts they collected, the commentaries they composed, the disputes they endorsed, the ideas and concepts they defended, and the teaching materials they disseminated.